We are a service company in the field of mediation of pickups,

as well as the restoration and Improvement of various high-quality

pickup systems for record players in the HIFI analog range.

Our services relate to a worldwide market-oriented resource optimization in the area of the purchase of original and

replacement needlesand in particular the processing and restoration of old and partly no longer available pickups.

The services include:

    - Individual customer consultation related to a reasonable and possible restoration and processing of defective and

    partly no longer to be acquired pickup.

      - Individual customer service related to the possible new purchase of various needle systems and the associated

      accessories of analog record players.

        - Individual customer advice in the field of possibilities to improve and increase the sound quality of a variety of high-quality pickups.

          - Individual and fair customer advice in the area of market-oriented price / performance offer.

          My company has been offering pickups for 2 ½ years in the field of selling and restoring a wide variety of

          record players for analog record players.

          To my person:
          Previously, I learned the craft of restoring pickups from Mr Axel Schürholz for 3 years. During this time I have

          extensive experience with the various challenges and requirements for restoring the various pickups.

          I learned a lot about the individual customer service and the associated expectations or the individual wishes of the customers.

          I will continue to develop and develop the craft that I learned from Mr. Schürholz in order to be able to continue to offer the

          customer the quality you have come to expect from my predecessor.

          After 3 years of cooperation, I took over the company "www.schallplattennadeln.de" from Mr. Schürholz.

          Currently, the services are offered via 2 online portals or via the company to be reached by telephone: Tonabnehmer Service GmbH & Co. KG.

          The main objective of the company Pickup Service GmbH & Co.KG is always to help and advise the customer so that we can implement his

          individual wishes competently and appropriately. We want our customers to be 100% satisfied with the result of our services.

          We want to make you, as a customer, satisfied and happy with the process of restoring your system, so that with your restored

          system you can fully enjoy your listening pleasure and enjoy your old record collection with renewed enthusiasm.

          I would like to briefly mention that I have been with me since my earliest childhood. encouraged by my very music-loving siblings also

          for music and much more interested in the individual hi-fi components that transported the music into the living room.

          I was always fascinated by the peculiarity of the various music systems, the individual look and feel, the different speakers and

          the associated sounds that generated them. This developed into one of my most intense hobbies in my later years.

          During these years I have gained extensive experience with many different hi-fi components. By chance, I met about 5 years ago,

          the man from whom I have already bought as a child hifi electronics. A few years ago, Axel Schürholz had a hi-fi business near

          my parents' home. After his self-employment, he focused on the restoration of pickups.

          In a short time, Mr. Axel Schürholz became well known and has built up a new independence in the field of recovery of pickups.

          After working with Mr. Axel Schürholz for 3 years, I got the offer to take over the business. I took over the business in 2016.

          At the moment I have hired two employees. In February 2018 we moved. Now we have the place we need and can thus constantly

          enlarge and improve our offer.

          I am fortunate that I was able to make my hobby into my profession and can now fully integrate my hi-fi enthusiasm into my life

          and hope that I will be able to make customers happy and satisfied with my services for many years to come.

          I look forward to a good cooperation

          Franz Josef Schulte

          Contact details:

          FJS Tonabnehmer Service GmbH & Co. KG
          Kämpenweg 19
          33142 Büren

          Tel: 02951 60 250 84