Original Soundsmith SMMC 4

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SMMC 4. This cartridge replaces the B&O pickups MMC 1 - MMC 5

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Original Soundsmith SMMC 4

This cartridge replaces the B&O pickups MMC 1 - MMC 5

Stylus and cantilever: Elliptical diamond with an aluminum cantilever.

Output voltage: 2.12mV (MI system)

Tracking force: 1.2 grams

Weight: 1.6 grams

There are three different types of cartridges.

These are the so-called magent cartridges and differ in moving magnet (MM),

moving coil (MC) or moving iron (MI).

What they have in common is that all three of them convert electrical current based

on the principle of induction by means of a mechanical movement of the coils or magnets.
This means that these systems are generators that convert movement into electricity.
With an MM cartridge, the magnet moves. The coils are firmly attached to the housing.

With an MC cartridge, the coil moves and the magnet is attached to the body.

With an MI cartridge, both the coil and the magnet are fixed.

With this system, a small piece of iron at the end of the cantilever moves within a magnetic field

and provides the induction. Since only an extremely small mass has to be moved

with the moving iron principle, the conversion is less complex than with the MM and MC systems.

This is a great advantage in terms of the cartridge's scanning capability and impulse fidelity.

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