Retipping of MM and MC cartridges

Dear Sirs and Madames,

basically, I can restore your cartridge. For further information I have to take a look at it.

Please send it to me. After that, I can tell you more. If I can not restore your cartridge, you only incur shipping preparation and return postage costs (20 € - 40 €, see shipping costs) no further costs.


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Our current price lists for the restoration of MM, MI and MC cartridges

All MM and MC cartridges

If your cartridges can be restored, I can offer you the following restores / options for your MM and MC cartridges:

Restoration with aluminum cantilever and elliptical diamonds for € 126,05 net or € 150 gross.

Restoration with Alu Cantilever and Nude Elliptical Diamonds for € 218,49 net or € 260 gross.

Restoration with nude Shibata diamonds and aluminum cantilever for € 294,12 net or € 350 gross.

Restoration with Boron Cantilever and nude Shibata diamonds for € 503,36 net or € 599 gross.

Restoration of rubber damping for € 301.68 net or € 359 gross.

Restoring the rubber damping is not possible with every cartridge.

AKG cartridges

Especially for AKG cartridges (P 8 - P 25)

I can offer you a new needle feedthrough (new damping rubber)

  • with nude elliptical diamonds with aluminum cantilever for 340 € (285.72 € net)

  • with nude Shibata diamond and aluminum cantilever for 399 € (335.29 € net).

Bang & Olufsen cartridges MMC 1-5

It happens occasionally with these cartridges that one or both channels are defective.

If one or both channels are defective, 80% of them can be restored.

This costs an additional € 50 gross or € 42,02 net.

The possibilities for restoration apply to B&O cartridges MMC 1-5 with return of old parts:

- with an elliptical diamond needle and aluminum. Cantilever costs € 160 gross or € 134,45 net.

- with Nude Line Contact diamond needle and sapphire cant. costs € 312 gross or € 262,18 net.

- with nude elliptical diamond needle and aluminum cant. costs € 276 gross or € 231,93 net.

- with nude Shibata diamond needle and aluminum cant. costs € 359 gross or € 301,68 net.

- with Nude Shibata diamond needle and Boron Cantilever costs € 700 gross or € 588,24 net.

Bang & Olufsen cartridges: MMC 10 - 6000

Recovery options apply to B&O cartridges MMC MMC 10- 20 S, E, EN, CL - 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 with return of old parts:

A restoration with elliptical diamant needle and alum cantilever costs € 160 (Gross) or

134,45 (Net).

A restoration with nude elliptical diamant needle and alum cantilever cost € 276 (Gross) or

231,93 (Net).

A restoration with nude Shibata diamond needle and alum cantilever costs € 359 (Gross) or € 301,68 (Net).

A restoration with nude Shibata diamant needle and boron cantilever costs € 700 (Gross) or € 630,25 (Net).

Shipping costs
We calculate the shipping costs depending on the sum insured as follows:
Sum insured up to € 500 for € 20,00
Sum insured up to € 2500 for € 30,00
The sum insured is calculated based on the value of the pickup and the value of the restoration costs.

If you want a specific sum insured, please let us know.

Processing time about 1-2 months

The net price applies to all countries outside the EU and for re-sellers with a VAT ID number within the EU.

For further options see my online shop.

Customs fees

Please indicate only the current value of your shipment for goods to be cleared.
Otherwise, unnecessary additional costs could be incurred.
Since it is defective goods the value is often not higher than 35 €.
This approach saves an inadequate or incorrect assessment of the value of a defective system and makes it easier for all parties to proceed with customs clearance.
If customs duties are charged, you have to pay them.

best regards

Franz-Josef Schulte