Welcome to the FJS Cartridge Service online shop

Finally the time has come.

The pickup service can now offer high quality turntables after many requests.

First of all, we would like to offer the world-famous Thorens turntables.

If you are interested in a turntable, please contact us by email or just give us a call.

Make an appointment with us and experience listening pleasure that is individual to you.

In addition, you can compare different cartridges on a turntable in our small studio.

This gives you an individual opportunity to find the perfect cartridge for you.

We are an international company in the purchase, sale and restoration

of MM, MI and MC cartridge systems.

In particular, we have specialized in the restoration and sale of B&O cartridges.

Whether your cartridge needs a new diamond needle, a new rubber damping,

or is awakened by a new soldering of the connecting cable back to life, or you

want an increase in the sound quality of your cartridge, we are the right contact for you.

We also have some restored by us MM, MI and MC for beginners, DJs and

many years experienced analog lovers who are looking for the right individual

and cartridges that have been restored according to your wishes are in our offer.

Please note that our processing time can take approx. 1-3 months. Please send your cartridges

to your delivery agent (DHL, dpd, GLS etc.) so that you can check whether and when we have

received your cartridges.

Due to our high workload, we ask you to refrain from questions in this regard as far as possible.

CEO: Franz-Josef Schulte

Listening to music is primarily used for relaxation and is particularly helpful

in this to reduce the accumulated stress of everyday life in fast-moving times.

With the opportunity to enjoy music, you reach a very beneficial niche for yourself

which not only gives you a better attitude towards life, but also makes you more

satisfied with yourself in the long term. It's a form of personal mental hygiene.

We would be happy to help you with this.

Kind regards

Tonabnehmer Service Team

Kämpenweg 19

33142 Büren

Mail: info@tonabnehmerservice.de

Phone: 0049 (0) 2951 60 250 84

Customs fees

Please indicate only the current value of your shipment for goods to be cleared.
Otherwise, unnecessary additional costs could be incurred.
Since it is defective goods the value is often not higher than 35 €.

Therefore, please do not enter more than € 35.This approach saves an inadequate

or incorrect assessment of the value of a defective system and makes it easier for all

parties to proceed with customs clearance.

If customs duties are charged, you have to pay them.