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Perhaps we can offer you a possibility through our service

to get new strength and wish you a positive inner strengthening

in this not so easy time.

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Franz-Josef Schulte

Welcome to the online shop to buy, sell and individually restore your cartridges.

We offer restorations of MM, MI, MC

and especially all B & O cartridges.

Please contact us:

In particular, we offer, as far as possible, the restoration of rubber dampers.

In addition, we also offer a re-soldering of severed or cracked connections.

If there is no desired restoration option for you in our offer, we will find together

in an individual consultation a suitable option and solution for you.

Welcome to the online shop for purchasing, selling and restoring your B & O Sound cartridges

Your shop for turntable needles, turntable systems around B & O. MMC 1-5, MMC 20, 3000 MMC, MMC 4000, MMC 5000, MMC 6000, needle Stylus SP1 / 6/7/8,

Phono Service, and Phono accessories such as belts, maintenance, etc.


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Franz-Josef Schulte 




In order to help you quickly with questions or special requests can contact us. by phone or e-mail.
Tel: +49 (0) 2951 60 250 84

Email: info@tonabnehmerservice.de

Customs fees

Please indicate only the current value of your shipment for goods to be cleared.
Otherwise, unnecessary additional costs could be incurred.
Since it is defective goods the value is often not higher than 35 €.
This approach saves an inadequate or incorrect assessment of the value of a defective system and makes it easier for all parties to proceed with customs clearance.
If customs duties are charged, you have to pay them.